Friday, February 29, 2008

Complaints about being pregnant

I feel like complaining today. I feel like a giant whale or like someone put a sumo wrestling suit on me so I can't bend or really move. It reminds me of an episode of "The Office" (see below) I just watched the other night. I know that I signed up for this (as J keeps reminding me) but everyone needs/gets to complain sometimes right? Here is a list of things that just suck right now.
  • waking up in the night because I am stiff and my hips hurt
  • being woken up by a charlie horse they cause me to literately jump out of bed
  • sneezing (if you have been pregnant you know what I am talking about)
  • having to pee all the time including the middle of the night
  • not being able to run, ride a bike, or other strenuous things.
  • having a hard time do activities with Amber swinging her and many many other things I used to do that she likes.
  • no being able to sit on the floor for more than like 30 seconds without feeling completely uncomfortable.
  • the fun stuff that happens at the doctors office I will spare the details
  • all the scary stories people tell you about complications with pregnancies of people they know
  • you are more clumsy and your brain doesn't seem to work anymore
  • the ground seems so so far away when you drop things all the time because of reason listed above
  • people are always asking how you are feeling and how much longer you have (not something you want to think about I have to suffer all this for how much longer?)
  • bumping into things with your belly because you underestimate how big you really are.
I know there is more but I will spare you. I guess that I can't just list the bad because there are a few pros about being pregnant too. Such as:
  • you can get away with eating almost whatever you want (no alcohol, drugs...nothing I ever want to try)
  • feeling the little person growing and moving inside you
  • getting out of doing a few chores around the house because they require the use of strong chemicals (like when J got to do this)
  • cute things with Amber bonding with baby sister, one example: Amber will kiss my belly because she wants to kiss little sister
  • people are willing to help you or get out of your way more (I would move too I might take you out with my belly)
  • pity leg rubs
  • here is the very best of all when it is all over that I get a new little person to get to know and love. This is what makes it all worth it.


The Cox Family said...

I don't know why in the world people say that they LOVE being pregnant. They are pretty much crazy if you ask me. I am dreading getting pregnant again! It seems all worth it though, after they are here!

Christina said...

@the cox family: You had a not so pleasant experience the first time around being pregnant so you have ever right to complain. I on the other hand didn't, but there are still things that aren't that fun in the end of pregnancy.