Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Birthday Girl

Amber's 2nd birthday was on Saturday as most of you know. We/she had such a busy day I don't know if she knew what was happening. Here is how it went:
-she woke up early, 7:00, even after I told her the night before that it was her birthday so she was entitled to sleep in.
-she had breakfast then made cupcakes
-she took a bath and got to color all over (see pictures below)
-rush out the door to meet her little friend Ella so they could go to Bear Mill and make little friends (Amber finally decided to make a little white cat and dress it in pink cloud pajamas). I didn't get pictures and wish I would have (I got in trouble too - J was a little bummed).
-went to the park for a picnic with Ella, Shanalee (Ella's mom), Papa and me.
-went home and had a cupcake then took a nap.
-after nap went to a party for Ella (her birthday is Sunday, a day after Amber's)
-came home had another cupcake, opened presents and went to bed.
Oh what a day. I think she had fun. She really liked talking to all the family that called to wish her a happy birthday and all the presents. I am still in shock that she is two. How oh how did it happen so fast? It has been so much work and fun - I have the best job in the whole world. I get to take care of this little person that I love so much. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Amber coloring in the bathtub.
Amber's OCD kicking in - she doesn't like things messy. How this is possible living in this house I am not sure.
Papa and Amber at the park
Amber and Ella


testmonkey said...

egads that girl is spoiled. :)

The Cox Family said...

Happy Late Birthday Amber! I am glad she had such a great day with her friend Ella. I understand how you feel about the day being so crazy! That is what being a mother is all about right?
Amber looks so cute. I can't believe how long her hair is getting!