Monday, March 3, 2008

Poor sick little girl

So Amber has had this cough thing for the last couple of days so I took her to the doctor today to see what was up. She has croup and two ear infections. Poor sick little girl. She has been acting a little sick with a cough and runny nose but I would have never guessed that she had really bad ear infections too. We left the doctors office with four prescriptions. I just hope that she gets better soon.


testmonkey said...


The Cox Family said...

You said she probably had croup too and you were right! I am sorry that she had ear infections as well. I hope that she recovers soon. Once Cam was started on steroids he did so much better.

Seth, Caralee and Sydney Jo said...

Oh man! I really hope that she starts feeling better soon, it makes me sad to think of her so sick! Poor you having to take care of her too! Take care of yourself as well so that you don't get any nasty little bug!