Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fairs and hairs and family - oh my

It has been a busy couple of weeks here with us. We have done so many fun things that we have needed time to re-adjust after it all. It all began with the Washington County Fair. Amber, Elle and I met up with Amanda and her little girl Rosalynn to go and see the farm animals and exhibits. Amber had a lot of fun and seemed to enjoy looking at, holding, and brushing the different animals. She also got to sit in some tractors and pretend to drive them. I guess some of my county side is in her too.

The next big thing for Amber was getting her hair cut. J and I had scheduled haircuts together so that he could watch the girls while it was my turn. I had asked Amber at least 3 times if she wanted her hair cut and each time it was a resounding "NO." So as we were finishing up Amber pipes in that it is her turn to get her hair cut. Kandice, who cuts our hair, said she had time so Amber climbed in the chair and was good. She kept saying "I am getting my hair cut with no crying." I guess I should mention the last time she got her hair cut - over a year ago - she cried pretty much the entire time.

Then we had about a week of spending time with family. First off we went up to Beaver Mountain for a family reunion with the Arnold's (my mom's side). After I told Amber that we would be sleeping in a cabin up in the mountains she kept telling me and anyone who would listen that she was going to "sleep on the mountains." On Friday, August 15, as we were getting ready she kept asking if we were getting ready to go to the cabin. She asked J at least 10 times. She was very excited. We didn't get to the cabin until around 10PM but she was still wide awake and just happy to see people she knew (my siblings and parents). The next day she woke up and wanted to be with anyone but J or me -well, except the male cousins (guys are still scary to her for some unknown reason). She especially enjoyed being with my mom or Bonnie. J and I were even able to get out for a 4 wheeler ride for about an hour. It was a nice break.

On Sunday we headed up to Heber to spend the next couple of days. On Monday, August 18th, J and I had tickets to see Jack Johnson in Salt Lake. J put a couple of good songs he sings here if you are interested. It was my first concert and I really enjoyed it (click to see J's take). Then on Tuesday Amber and I went to Seven Peaks with my mom, Bonnie, and my oldest brother John and his family. Amber loved going down the big rides with me and didn't want to leave. On Wednesday we went to the Hogle Zoo with my mom, Bonnie, Paige, Zach, Natalie, Lauren and Camdon. It was a little warm but we had a good time and all the kids were good. On Wednesday night J and I went boating with Bonnie and Kirby. J and I were the only ones that actually got wet though. I was a little rusty water skiing because the last time that I had been was over 8 years ago. I was able to get up on my second try, though. We also went on the tube and knee board. It was so nice to have family around to watch the girls so that we could go and do these fun things.

Now we are back in St. George getting back to normal life. J is teaching two classes at Dixie State College, one of which I am trying to get things arranged so I can take. It is Photoshop, which I have always wanted to be able to use.

*I will put up some pictures of J and me boating if or when I get them from Bonnie.*

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Just something I found interesting.

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