Friday, April 15, 2011

When I grow up…

This morning on our way home from picking up Amber from preschool, we had a great talk about what Amber and Elle wanted to be when they grow up.

  • Amber wants to be a ice cream maker.
  • Elle wants to be a garbage woman.
I already knew about Amber's future career plans from when she was the spotlight at her preschool on her birthday.  Elle's, on the other hand, surprised me because she has never said what she wanted to be before. Elle and Amber have always been interested in watching the garbage man every week since they were little. They would hear him coming and run to the window to watch until he was far out of sight. They will also point out garbage trucks whenever they see them around town. (Nathan will cry whenever he hears it and it is close by. I have to hold him or he just freaks out.)

It was funny because after Elle said she wanted to be a garbage man I tried to tell her that it wasn't something she really wanted to do. Amber immediately came back with, "But Mom—you always said we could be whatever we want when we grow up." So then I had to pull my foot out of my mouth and say that they indeed could be whatever they wanted to be. Even a garbage man.

I can't lie though—I really hope that they both change their minds and want to do other thing when they grow up. (Though I really don't want them to grow up, either.)