Saturday, March 31, 2012

Elle's 4 Finally!

Is is weird that Elle has only been 3 up till today? She has always seemed too little before to be doing things that I knew Amber did at her age until this last year. She seems so big and grown up. She has been a very mature and wise 3 year old. I think of all the things she has done this last year and I can't believe it was all while she was 3. But now she is 4 and I am sure she will just continue to surprise us.

Elle has always been our little snuggler and I am glad to report that hasn't changed. She also is a very loving and kind little and big sister. She is always thinking of others feelings and needs and almost always is willing to help them without even being asked to. Since she has been going to preschool she has opened up more and has become less dependent on her sister to be the leader. She has learned a lot in preschool as well and knows most of her letters. It has been fun watching her grow and learn. I sure do love her. She fits right in our family - we need her easygoingness to balance out the other two's strong personalities. Happy Birthday my little Elle!

Today, for her birthday, Elle wanted to take a friend to a movie. The only kid friendly movie right now is "The Lorax" so that is what we saw. She had a great time and had fun inviting a little friend from church. After the movie she got to open her presents. She is so easy to please and loves all of them. Then for dinner all she requested were some mashed potatoes and corn. After that we had her cake (orange of course) and cookie dough ice cream. Here are a couple of pictures from the day.