Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas morning

Here is a little video J put together from our Christmas morning. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pictures, pictures all you get are pictures

It has been too long since I last posted so I thought that I would at least post some pictures. Enjoy!
Amber wanted her hair braided one night so that she could have it curly the next day. She loved it and wanted a picture so we could remember how it looked.
My 3 turkeys. We made these hand turkeys for Thanksgiving and the girls decided to they wanted to turn them into headbands.
Elle all beaded out. I didn't know that I was raising a hippy but it sure looks like it!
Nathan wanted to see what he looked like with his turkey headband on so we went in the bathroom and then he was having a great time checking himself out in the mirror. He even gave himself a kiss!
Snow fun. We have had a couple of snow storms and the kids always want to go out ASAP and play in it. It is still so new and exciting to them.

These are pictures from the nativity event that they do every year here. They collect everyones nativities (big and small) and put them up in the Stake center for anyone and everyone to come and see. They also have costumes and a set so you can dress up and have your picture taken. It was fun and the kids really seemed to enjoy it. You can see all of them here. We are pictures 6-11 on page 1.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Goodbye, Hello, and Halloween

I am so far behind that I thought I would do somewhat of a picture catch up. Starting with saying goodbye to our awesome neighbors the Adam's.
Here is Elle, Amber, and Abby giving each other goodbye hugs.
Elle and Isaac snuggling up on the couch.
Abby and Amber
The whole crew (almost): Elle, Isaac, Nathan, Abby and Amber

It was hard to say goodbye to a lot of people in St. George and move away from all that we knew and were used to. I must say that St. George had become my home even though I complained about it a lot (especially in the summer). It was home and I had really felt comfortable there. I think it takes hindsight to see it though. I will miss all my great friends that I had made there not to mention J's parents and his brother & family. But now we are on to a new adventure and trying to make Moscow, Idaho our new home. It sure will be hard to find friends to fill the shoes of those we left behind, but we are trying to get settled and find some. One thing that will be nice in our new area is that they actually have seasons! So I decided to capture some to share.

Autumn leaves
Elle and Amber throwing leaves.
Playing in the leaves with the neighbors.
Nathan playing in the leaves

There has been lots that I am behind on so instead of promising to catch up I am going to link to J's accounts of the things we have been up to. There was a Harvest Party, a trip to Spokane, a visit to the local farmers market, and a trip to Coeur d' Alene.

Now to Halloween stuff.

Kitty cat Elle ready for her preschool party.
Amber's finished pumpkin
Elle's pumpkin
Nathan's pumpkin (he helped a little).
Elle kitty, dragon Nathan, and witch Amber
Elle and Amber striking a pose
The only picture I could get of Nathan
Amber and Elle decorating pictures at a Halloween party.
I love how Nathan (the dragon) is trying to get the knights sword.
Happy girls!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Come October 8-9 we will be on our way to Moscow, Idaho!
Here are the only pictures that we took of Moscow (out the car window) as we were leaving (we were there for only 24 hours).

It is going to be a big change but I know that we will be just fine. I think I am still in denial because I haven't started packing yet. I am sure it will be a lot more work than I think it will be (like last time). It is just hard to do much because we still need the stuff because we use it (and I am still trying to find a place for us to moving into). So if you see us around town looking like this you will understand why:
(J's edit: why do I let Christina take photos of me?)
I don't know why I let Amber take my picture, especially when she asks me to make silly faces.
On to the next adventure. One awesome thing is that we will be closer (2 hours away vs. 14 hours) to the Salmon River and the rafting that comes along with it. It will be hard to say goodbye to St. George and all the friends I have made over the last 11 years but there is still email, cell phones, blogs, and Facebook to help me keep in touch. It doesn't feel right to do an entry without sharing some pictures of the kids so here you go.
What else would this purse be for!?
Nathan in J's glasses looking all smart and sophisticated.
Happy smily Elle.
Amber striking a pose for me.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Washington Fair

We went to the Washington County Fair again this year. It was our 3rd year going and I must say that I still think they should do it all indoors or at a different time of year (even though I know why need to do it in August). It was HOT. We don't go to for the rides at night - my kids don't even know that there are rides - we go in the day for the petting zoo, booths, and fair entries. My girls always look forward to it though. There is always so sort of ride or something that they get to do along with seeing all the animals that gets them excited (not to mention their friend Taylee was coming). This year it was the "walk on water" attraction. They had a blast and so did I watching them. I do wish I could have tried it myself but maybe another time.
The cute but very hot calf. I felt bad for him cooking in the sun.
Amber was the brave one that wanted to pet him.
Amber in her hamster ball.
Elle giving it a try.
This was Nathan's favorite part of the fair.
The food court with the giant panda.
The girls enjoying a yogurt we brought along for a snack. If you look close you can see that they have their face painted.
We also got to have our picture taken at the fair by yellowpix it was kinda fun and it was free. They printed off a copy and gave it to me. Here is the link if you want to check it out.