Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow and Gingerbread Houses

It is snowing. I know that that doesn't seem like anything special, but in St. George when it snows it is kinda rare. It has been snowing here almost all day and it is 2:00 in the afternoon, that makes it more unusual. In the 8 years that I have lived here when it has snowed it is only for an hour tops then it is gone in a few minutes, if it had even stuck at all. The snow today isn't sticking but that makes it even better because I get to enjoy watching it fall but then don't have to drive in it. :)
Amber watching it snow.
This year, like last, for J's work party we decorated gingerbread houses. It was fun and a little easier than last year because Amber is bigger, so she helped a little, and Elle was enjoying time with J so no little fingers grabbing at everything. Amber was helping herself to all the different kinds of decorating materials, aka the candy, but didn't go as sugar crazy as she did last year. She had decorated her own gram cracker house at a young women's activity earlier in the week so she knew the what to do. Here are a few pictures to document this years houses.
Amber's gram cracker house

My gingerbread house (after the crash on the way home).

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Magical cupcakes

Today we went to lunch with a friend and I got Amber a cupcake. All she really wanted was the frosting but she ate the whole thing, well her half anyway (it looked so good I need to try it too:). Later when we were in the car she said the following.

"I ate all my cupcake and it makes me happy and strong."

I am always telling her that she needs to eat her dinner so she will be healthy and strong. I guess cupcakes aren't so healthy so they must make you happy instead. I agree with that. Dessert is really just to make us happy because we really don't need it. At the same time we so do sometimes.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Some random saying of Amber

So the last couple of days/weeks I have been writing down some of the cute, funny, interesting... things that Amber has said. Here are just a few of them.

"It's Christmas time Elle, it's Christmas time!"
She said this when she saw the Christmas tree that I put up while she was taking her nap. She was very excited and has been asking if it is Christmas time for a couple of weeks.

"I don't need a friend, I just need a book."
Out of context this sounds a little strange so let me clarify a couple of things. Her 'friend' is whatever little stuffed animal or baby that she wants to take around with us when we leave the house. The book part is because we had just come home from the library with five new books to read and she couldn't wait to read them.

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Ear."
She was mostly right. I don't know of anyone who really needs a new ear though. J and I have tried to correct her, but after we laughed so hard about it she thinks it is funny so she keeps saying it this way.

"The ducks won't eat me, they only eat bread."
We were on our way to feel the ducks and I think she was giving herself a pep talk because last time the ducks got a little close and nipped at her pants.

Here are a couple pictures of the girls because they are so darn cute.

Amber and Elle riding the horse.
Amber just being cute.
Elle in the fall leaves that are finally coming down.
Elle shocked about something.
Amber being a little helper.