Saturday, May 17, 2008


Elle has been smiling now for about a week or so but actually catching it on camera has been hard. She seems to know when I have the camera out and stops smiling. I was able to get these shots today and thought that I would share them. She kept turning her head as she smiled but I think you can still see her cute face. I also included a picture of Amber and one of the two girls together. Amber really loves her little sister, even when mommy has to take care of her instead of playing. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So for all of you who don't know I had surgery on Monday. It was not what we had planned. Here is what led up to me having to have surgery. On Tuesday May 6th I had an IUD put in at my doctors office. I was really nervous to have it done and should have listened to myself but didn't. I was having some sharp pains on Wednesday and was unable to find the strings that hang down from the IUD (sorry if that is too much information). So I called my doctors office on Thursday and they had me come in at 2:00 so they could check things out. By 3:00 they couldn't find the strings either and they had me scheduled for an ultrasound at 3:30. So I had to race off to the other end of town to make it for that. When the ultrasound tech didn't see the IUD in my uterus they sent me in for an x-ray to pinpoint where it had gone. The x-ray showed that it had perforated through my uterus and was in my abdomen on the left side. So now we come to the reason of why I had surgery on Monday - to get the IUD out of my abdomen. If that wasn't enough stress and fun the doctor tells me as we are about to head into laparoscopy surgery that my insurance doesn't cover IUD's or the complications from them so we get to pay the bill.

There you have it - my first surgery (besides getting my wisdom teeth pulled out) story. I really wouldn't want to do it again. I was lucky enough to have a husband that was great helping out with the kids and me after and for my parents that came down to be with me in the hospital. Oh how you never know what fun twists and turns life with deal you next. I guess I should just be happy that everything came out okay and that I am healthy. Next time I am going to listen to myself.

Friday, May 2, 2008


I have decided that you can't ever say that you have things figured out as a mother, everyday brings something different - good, bad or difficult. Today is one of those days I am wondering what I was thinking having two children so close together. I am sure there are people out there thinking "she is complaining about two, I have three or four or however many." I think that sleep deprivation may have something to do with why I am not as patient and why Amber is so whinny and grumpy. The two of us together make for a not so pleasant morning. I just hope all is cleared up after nap time. Oh if only I had a nanny today. I kinda did for a month so I got a little spoiled (thanks Mary, Mom & Dad, and Bonnie). For now I am just thankful for "The Backyardigans" for a little break. I really don't regret having these two beautiful girls - it has just been a hard morning. Enough complaining because I really am lucky to have all that I do. Sometimes life just throws you a bad couple of months or days we just have to remember all the good.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Amber Bee

J found this site where you can make a bee to look like you. I decided to make one that looked like Amber. Enjoy!