Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Heber Pictures

We had a great time in Heber last week. We got to watch Bonnie run, play with family and friends, see and ride the horses, ride the four wheeler, and whatever else came up. Enjoy the pictures.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Attention attention

We have an announcement to make:

There will be another monkey around here at Monkey Maxfield's come January 15th (or somewhere in that ballpark). Stay tuned for more updates in the future. That is all.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Beginning of summer activities

Summer is almost here but it feels like it has already started for us. It is so hot here already (except the last week or so - which has been so nice) and we are working on finding things to do that aren't outside. It has been the hardest on Elle because we had gotten into the routine of going out everyday either to go on a run or on a walk to the park. Then it started getting too hot too early and we would come home roasting. Then I had girls camp and Amber took a cooking class that threw off the schedule.

Amber really had a great time at her four day cooking class. Everyday I would stay because they needed help and everyday she would tell me that I could leave. This is a complete flip of how it was a year ago. I am glad that she is good being away from me again.

Amber making her name badge
Amber tasting her 'ants on a log.'
Amber decorating her recipe cards.
Elle trying to get in on the action.
Amber with her friend Ava.

Aunt Nettie was in town visiting so we were able to spend some time with her. She brought Drew up for a day of fun at the Main Street Water Park. Aunt Nettie was so gracious to watch the girls so J and I could go out. It was fun getting to visit with her. Thanks Aunt Nettie. :)

Amber and Elle in the fountain.
Drew, Amber, and Elle in the fountain.

Aunt Nettie - if you know her then you understand it is almost impossible to get a picture of her

Aunt Nettie reading a story to Elle.

We made a quick trip up to Heber for baby Wyatt's blessing. J headed home on Monday morning but the girls and I stayed until Tuesday afternoon so we could play some more. Amber and Elle had a blast when we went to Discovery Gateway with the cousins. They were all over the place and could have stayed for hours but the adults were the ones that were worn out from chasing them around. Then on Tuesday we spent some time at my brother John's house in Santaquin. Again, the girls could have stayed for hours playing with all the new toys and jumping on the trampoline but we needed to head back home for my sanity (Elle wasn't sleeping the best so none of us were).
Almost all the kids together in the Jeep (back: mystery little girl, Amber | front: Natalie, Elle, and Zach) Wyatt was kinda too small to ride in the Jeep.
Amber and Zach looking through the mouse door.
Amber "cooking." She wanting to spend most of the time in the kitchen.
Elle riding the car around.
Elle watching policewoman Amber drive her car.

Now Amber is taking two more classes: a story and song class and a pre-piano class from our neighbor Juli. She seemed to love it and has been singing "Little White Duck" song on and off since her class.

So that is what we have been up to so far this summer. Here in a couple of days we are headed back up to Heber to watch my sister run in the Wasatch Back. Then in a couple of weeks Amber will be taking swimming lessons. Hopefully, I will be better about keeping up to date so I don't have to do such long posts - sorry. :)