Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Okay so I have been tagged (by Caralee) and I am suppose to list 10 random things about myself. We will just see what I can come up with.
1. I hate people that don’t use their blinkers. This drives me completely crazy. Do they just think that we are all mind readers. It makes me really mad when you are waiting for them to drive past so you can turn or something and then they end up turning. Ahhhh.
2. I like to run and do other outdoorsy things. Lately, because I can’t do a lot of them I am really bugged because I can’t. It is like when you know you can’t do something or that you aren’t suppose to so it makes you want to do it more. I am sure once I can again I won’t or I still won’t be able to because of the two small people I will be taking care of.
3. I hate to clean my house – I am sure I am not alone on this one. But I find other things that just must get done first. I like it once it is all clean, but it never seems to last long. I just need a little cleaning fairy or better yet my sister the clean freak to live closer (just kidding Bonnie, about being a freak not about living closer).
4. Apparently I speak really fast when I am in public and or nervous. A lot of people do I know but I guess I do it a lot – according to someone - almost all the time when I am talking to new people. I guess I talk higher, faster, and don’t always make sense.
5. I really crave pasta when I am pregnant. I just finished some while I was typing this. Spaghetti with marinara sauce and a little cheese. I love pasta when I am not pregnant too but I seem to want it almost all the time when I am.
6. I miss living where there is snow. This is crazy right – most people wish that they didn’t live in the snow but I miss it and love it when it is coming down hard and I can sit inside (this is important) and watch it fall. I am sure that once I live in it again I will change my mind.
7. I miss driving my big old ’81 Ford Bronco that I drove in high school. It was a beast and had its problems but I loved it. I am not sure why I loved it so much, if it was because it was my first car or because it was big and solid and not like anyone else’s.
8. I always try to blame myself when things go wrong. If something happens I think automatically that I had something or everything to do with it. This is not good to do to yourself so I recommend not to. Okay good.
9. I love getting hugs from people you love and care about. It makes me feel so good and happy. I especially love hugs from my Amber and husband when they just want to.
10. I have gotten a little addicted to this blogger. She is so funny and will tell you everything that she is thinking. I wish I could do that. I can really relate to her because she is a stay at home mom and just the different things that she goes through I think most women can relate to. I am a little jealous of her.
Well there are ten random things about me. I have never done this before but I guess now I am suppose to tag some other people so I will tag Lauren, Mandy, Bonnie (send me an email) and Junetta (you guys don’t have to play if you don’t want to).


moosh in indy. said...

Oh you are too kind, but really, don't be jealous, I have a zit on my neck the size of Easter Island and someone just called me a really bad name in my comments.
Thanks though.

Auntie Nettie said...

Oh -- I'm totally addicted to the Moosh too. That evil testmonkey got me hooked on her. The moosh and mooshmommy rock! (Unfortunately, she gives me EBS -- Enviable Blog Syndrom. I wish I could blog like her.)

Anyway, I've been tagged, so go over to Auntie Nettie's Attic ( for the response. Eventually ... once I have time to do it on my lunch break.

Cause Xtina, this "Junetta" of whom you speak, well, she's someone else in the blogosphere. Don't believe me? Check this out ...

Seth, Caralee and Sydney Jo said...

Great post! Funny about the pasta while you are pregnant, I went through a phase where only spaghetti would do! BTW your cinnamon rolls look great, I am glad they turned out good! You are much braver then me to try making something so daring!

Seth, Caralee and Sydney Jo said...

O.k. so I just looked at the Moosh blog and what a great writer that woman is!! I loved her blog about infertility, it struck home, I dread having to go through it again when we have another baby! wonderful blog I am going to have to read it often!

The Cox Family said...

Oh the memories in that old Ford Bronco! I miss it too. Good times! That whole blinker issue is too funny because it started before you even had your driver's license. Don't worry about not wanting to clean your home, no one likes it except your sister! I love pasta too, and I need to stop eating so much of it because it is going to ruin my figure! We can't wait to see you guys as well!