Thursday, September 30, 2010

Circus and Dress up

Last weekend we went up to Heber so that we could go to the circus. It was a really quick trip, but it was lots of fun. I know that I was completely fascinated and amazed at what people can do. The girls seemed to enjoy it. Nathan did great for most of it and gave up right about when the elephants came out towards the end. I was a little bummed I missed them because that was one of the main things I wanted to see. Oh well, I guess that just means I will have to go again someday.

Here are a few pictures from our time at the "greatest show on earth."

Today we had a fun lax day at home. We didn't go anywhere. It was really nice and I just had fun with the kids. I didn't worry about the mess we were making or the house work I should be doing—it was just a great fun day. I think I really need to have more of these. The kids were all happy and so was I. Maybe I just need to hire a maid/cook and then we could do this everyday. In my dreams. Here are some pictures of us just having fun.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Here is what we have been up to as of late:

WE MOVED. That was a big pain in the tuckus. I thought it wouldn't be so bad because we had already gone through a lot of our stuff and put the extras in a storage unit. Boy was I wrong. I guess now I know how much stuff we have and that it is a pain and it does take a LOT OF WORK. Anyway, we are starting to adjust and feel more comfortable, but there are still a lot of boxes to unpack that we will eventually need. I am trying to do as Mary says, "One day at a time." As for the little people they have been loving the fact that we now have a backyard to play in and spend lots of time outside on their bikes or just playing. It is so nice.

Amber started preschool on the 8th. Of course that was moving day. So she left our old house and after spending time at Grandma Mary's after school came home and slept at our new rental house. She is loving school and wishes she could go everyday. Lately she has been wanting to help clean so I have been giving her little jobs to do around the house. She has really been helpful cleaning and being a great big sister. Sometime I forget that she is only 4; there are times she acts much older—or at least I think so. Here are some pictures from her first day (and some other fun photos).

Elle has been growing up so fast in the last couple of months, I swear. She looks so big and has started trying to do most things by herself. She has really wanted to start wearing panties but I wanted to wait until we were all moved and settled before starting that (Caralee, I am ready for you—just kidding). It is so funny that I keep thinking she is too small to be wanting to do everything but Amber was the same age. She has always just seemed smaller to me and I don't know why.

Elle has also started taking a dance class. Amber is always getting to do all sorts of things so I thought it was time to let Elle do something, too. She really enjoys it and has a good time. Here are a couple pictures of Elle.

Nathan is just too big already. I look at him and can't believe that he is already 8 months old. He is a little stubborn when it comes to wanting to crawl. He would just rather you carry him around everywhere. He is finally starting to scoot along a little and is getting up on his knees so I don't think it will be too much longer. He is a little eating machine. He wants to eat everything and anything pretty much. But you wouldn't know it to look at him because he is still as skinny as always. I have decided that my kids just like to have me worried. He is still very long though so maybe that makes up for it just a little. J gave him a buzz cut last week and I think he looks so darn handsome with his short hair. Here are a couple of pictures of Nathan to catch you up.

Monday, September 6, 2010


I found a three or four year old cellphone the other day while cleaning up. And what did I find on it? A gem of an audio memo that J made for me way back when. It's of such quality—such fidelity—that I had to share. But first I had to find the perfect photo from that era to compliment the audio production. How'd I do? And don't you think J missed his true calling in life?

Friday, September 3, 2010

August Fun

Yes, we are still alive and going going going. I can't believe how fast August came and went. We has some fun adventures and vacations. Here are a couple pictures to catch you up.

Nathan's growing so fast. Here he is with his long and crazy hair.

The girls love to play with their little brother now that they can interact more with each other.

Amber spending some time on the floor with Nathan.

We went to the Washington County Fair again. Here is a picture of Elle with an orange cat on her face that the FFA group did after we went through the petting farm.

Amber with a red cat on her face.

The girls playing on the cars at the fair while Junetta was looking at all the quilts and crafts.

I was able to go to my 10 year high school reunion in Heber—yep, I am old. I don't think I will go again. It just worked out that we were heading up there anyway because we were going river rafting.

The girls at Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.

Another picture of the falls.

The girls checking out the Provo River.

Here begin the pictures from our river rafting trip with J's mom, dad, and sister. Nathan came along but spent all of his time at the rental house that we stayed in this year (which was awesome, btw). Amber and Elle had a great week playing with my parents in Heber. Sorry, I don't have any picture of all the fun they had with their cousins swimming, gardening, and going for rides in the mountains. They both were sad to leave Heber and wanted us to leave them there. But back to the river trip: we had 4 great nights and 3 awesome days in Riggins, Idaho. It has been 4 years since we have been—Amber was just 5 months old when we went with my family. It was so fun to go again and it went by way too fast. I hope we don't wait that long till next time we visit.

Mary all geared up on the first day in her color coordinating river clothes.

Nathan giving Grandma Mary a reassuring squeeze that everything was going to be fine and even fun.

Four of the Maxfield clan together on their first adventures on the Salmon River. Nathan and I had to shuttle the car and trailer back and headed back to the rental house and relax for the day.

There weren't any bathtubs and the rental house so Nathan enjoyed sink baths. He was really awesome on the trip except in the car—he hates riding in the car.

Me putting on my my sunscreen. Apparently it made my face look nice and white. I didn't know this until we had lunch at the house and I saw how white I really was. I didn't use that sunscreen again the rest of the trip.

Me riding the bull going through Time Zone rapid.

J, Junetta, and me at Fiddle Creek.

Riverguide J in his action seat. Junetta just checking out the scenery.

Well there you have it. The rest of the month was spend being sick (the girls picked something up in Heber then shared with Nathan and I) and trying to figure out if we where going to be moving or not and trying to find a place to move to. Now we know that we are moving so here is to hoping the place we want to move into works out.