Thursday, January 31, 2008

Energy and more energy

This is just a fun video that J put together of Amber. Let's just say she slept well last night. Watch to find out why.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Who is this big girl?

I have been looking back at pictures today of Amber around Easter last year and it is scary how big she has gotten. I remember her that way too but it seems like she has changed so much since then. I took some pictures of her the other day and after looking at the ones from Easter she looks huge. I don't know how it happens so fast but she just keeps getting bigger. It shouldn't baffle me but it does all the time. Anyway here are some cute pictures of Amber from Easter last year and then some new ones.

She looks too little to be walking.
She is trying to act a little too big in this one - if this continues we will be locking her up until she is 30 like J keeps saying we should.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let me out, let me out.

Amber and I went the store the other day. When we got out of the car Amber could hear a dog barking. She said, "Dog barking in car." I then said, "Yes, it is saying 'let me out let me out' and whining." So then we went in to shop. Then she started saying over and over loud (because if you know her she is loud almost all the time) "Let me out, let me out." I got all sorts of looks from different people in the store. Some, I am sure, think that I am a mean mom. She would every once in awhile say "dog was saying" but most people only heard the 'let me out' part. She was perfectly content in the cart, but you wouldn't think so the way she kept calling out. It was a little embarrassing at the time - but now that it is over it is a little funny.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Babies and kids need buttons

Wouldn't it be nice if babies came with a button to push when something was wrong with them. It would make it so much easier and a lot less stressful. Amber can talk fairly well, but she still has a hard time telling what hurts. She was sick last night and it made it really hard not know what exactly was wrong. She was frustrated and didn't feel good and I did know what I could do besides give her some medicine and hope she felt a little better. I know that this is just how it goes - it is all a guessing game but it would help so much if they just came with a button to push.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Amber sings a song or two

Amber will walk around the house singing different songs. I tried to get her to do it for me on camera but she won't really do it on cue. I think it is still really cute so here it is if you want to check it out.

New bed and rocking horse

Amber got a new big girl bed and rocking horse for Christmas. With them put together and in the same room she asks to go in her "new room" all the time. It is just too bad that the bed is not quite ready for her to sleep in (it is missing the box springs and bedrail). I just hope that she will be excited about sleeping in it when it is ready. There is also some pictures of Amber "helping" clean the kitchen.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fun Pictures of Amber

Here are a few pictures of Amber that were just fun, so I thought I would share them. Enjoy!
This is Amber on her new bike.

Amber riding her new piggy bank.
Amber wearing Mr. Potato Head's hard hat.

Amanda Oranges

It is fun to have a new talker try and say hard or new words. I was giving Amber some Mandarin Oranges the other day and told her what they were called. What she repeated back was "Amanda Oranges." I have a friend that Amber nows who's name is Amanda, so it is a word she has heard and used before. With mandarin being harder to say, I don't blame her for choosing the easier one. She has continued to refer to them as "Amanda oranges" so I at least know what she is asking for. What a cute little monkey!