Friday, February 29, 2008

Complaints about being pregnant

I feel like complaining today. I feel like a giant whale or like someone put a sumo wrestling suit on me so I can't bend or really move. It reminds me of an episode of "The Office" (see below) I just watched the other night. I know that I signed up for this (as J keeps reminding me) but everyone needs/gets to complain sometimes right? Here is a list of things that just suck right now.
  • waking up in the night because I am stiff and my hips hurt
  • being woken up by a charlie horse they cause me to literately jump out of bed
  • sneezing (if you have been pregnant you know what I am talking about)
  • having to pee all the time including the middle of the night
  • not being able to run, ride a bike, or other strenuous things.
  • having a hard time do activities with Amber swinging her and many many other things I used to do that she likes.
  • no being able to sit on the floor for more than like 30 seconds without feeling completely uncomfortable.
  • the fun stuff that happens at the doctors office I will spare the details
  • all the scary stories people tell you about complications with pregnancies of people they know
  • you are more clumsy and your brain doesn't seem to work anymore
  • the ground seems so so far away when you drop things all the time because of reason listed above
  • people are always asking how you are feeling and how much longer you have (not something you want to think about I have to suffer all this for how much longer?)
  • bumping into things with your belly because you underestimate how big you really are.
I know there is more but I will spare you. I guess that I can't just list the bad because there are a few pros about being pregnant too. Such as:
  • you can get away with eating almost whatever you want (no alcohol, drugs...nothing I ever want to try)
  • feeling the little person growing and moving inside you
  • getting out of doing a few chores around the house because they require the use of strong chemicals (like when J got to do this)
  • cute things with Amber bonding with baby sister, one example: Amber will kiss my belly because she wants to kiss little sister
  • people are willing to help you or get out of your way more (I would move too I might take you out with my belly)
  • pity leg rubs
  • here is the very best of all when it is all over that I get a new little person to get to know and love. This is what makes it all worth it.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Big Girl Bed

I am so happy to say that Amber took a nap in her big girl bed today. She did yesterday too but it was a kicking screaming crying event. Today no crying, she actually asked to sleep on her "big girl bed with Wocka." I only had to put her back in her bed about 10 or 15 times but she never cried or got sad. This is good people! I guess I shouldn't get too excited there is still tomorrow and then when we get naps all mastered there is having her sleep in her big girl bed all night. Hey I am happy to be moving in the right direction. Now if only I could get her interested in using the potty. Yes, yes, I know one thing at a time. I am starting to run out of time though and I really don't want to change two little peoples diapers.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Birthday Girl

Amber's 2nd birthday was on Saturday as most of you know. We/she had such a busy day I don't know if she knew what was happening. Here is how it went:
-she woke up early, 7:00, even after I told her the night before that it was her birthday so she was entitled to sleep in.
-she had breakfast then made cupcakes
-she took a bath and got to color all over (see pictures below)
-rush out the door to meet her little friend Ella so they could go to Bear Mill and make little friends (Amber finally decided to make a little white cat and dress it in pink cloud pajamas). I didn't get pictures and wish I would have (I got in trouble too - J was a little bummed).
-went to the park for a picnic with Ella, Shanalee (Ella's mom), Papa and me.
-went home and had a cupcake then took a nap.
-after nap went to a party for Ella (her birthday is Sunday, a day after Amber's)
-came home had another cupcake, opened presents and went to bed.
Oh what a day. I think she had fun. She really liked talking to all the family that called to wish her a happy birthday and all the presents. I am still in shock that she is two. How oh how did it happen so fast? It has been so much work and fun - I have the best job in the whole world. I get to take care of this little person that I love so much. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Amber coloring in the bathtub.
Amber's OCD kicking in - she doesn't like things messy. How this is possible living in this house I am not sure.
Papa and Amber at the park
Amber and Ella

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spa, Valentine's Day and me

I am a lucky woman. This year for Valentine's Day J got me some gift certificates to Red Mountain Spa where they offer a pregnancy massage. How awesome is that. According to the web site "Extra care and attention are given to the mother’s comfort and stage of pregnancy." So I guess that means I will be surrounded by pillows to support all this bulge I have been growing and rubbed down somehow - oh please let it include my calf's. It should be nice whatever they do - a little pampering is good for everyone right? Anyway I feel a little bad because all I got him was a gift certificate to get his road bike worked on (yes, so romantic I know) and a cheesy candy bar card (see pictures below). Amber was just happy to get a balloon and a cupcake. Oh well, it is all out of love regardless.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Okay so I have been tagged (by Caralee) and I am suppose to list 10 random things about myself. We will just see what I can come up with.
1. I hate people that don’t use their blinkers. This drives me completely crazy. Do they just think that we are all mind readers. It makes me really mad when you are waiting for them to drive past so you can turn or something and then they end up turning. Ahhhh.
2. I like to run and do other outdoorsy things. Lately, because I can’t do a lot of them I am really bugged because I can’t. It is like when you know you can’t do something or that you aren’t suppose to so it makes you want to do it more. I am sure once I can again I won’t or I still won’t be able to because of the two small people I will be taking care of.
3. I hate to clean my house – I am sure I am not alone on this one. But I find other things that just must get done first. I like it once it is all clean, but it never seems to last long. I just need a little cleaning fairy or better yet my sister the clean freak to live closer (just kidding Bonnie, about being a freak not about living closer).
4. Apparently I speak really fast when I am in public and or nervous. A lot of people do I know but I guess I do it a lot – according to someone - almost all the time when I am talking to new people. I guess I talk higher, faster, and don’t always make sense.
5. I really crave pasta when I am pregnant. I just finished some while I was typing this. Spaghetti with marinara sauce and a little cheese. I love pasta when I am not pregnant too but I seem to want it almost all the time when I am.
6. I miss living where there is snow. This is crazy right – most people wish that they didn’t live in the snow but I miss it and love it when it is coming down hard and I can sit inside (this is important) and watch it fall. I am sure that once I live in it again I will change my mind.
7. I miss driving my big old ’81 Ford Bronco that I drove in high school. It was a beast and had its problems but I loved it. I am not sure why I loved it so much, if it was because it was my first car or because it was big and solid and not like anyone else’s.
8. I always try to blame myself when things go wrong. If something happens I think automatically that I had something or everything to do with it. This is not good to do to yourself so I recommend not to. Okay good.
9. I love getting hugs from people you love and care about. It makes me feel so good and happy. I especially love hugs from my Amber and husband when they just want to.
10. I have gotten a little addicted to this blogger. She is so funny and will tell you everything that she is thinking. I wish I could do that. I can really relate to her because she is a stay at home mom and just the different things that she goes through I think most women can relate to. I am a little jealous of her.
Well there are ten random things about me. I have never done this before but I guess now I am suppose to tag some other people so I will tag Lauren, Mandy, Bonnie (send me an email) and Junetta (you guys don’t have to play if you don’t want to).

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Roll and cut

I am showing off my first ever batch of Cinnamon Rolls. I have always just eaten my mother's or bought the Rhode's Rolls ez ones. I know that this probably isn't a big deal to most people, but I don't cook/back much, just ask J, so this was a little scary/hard/new for me to do. There have been times where I try and make something new and it turns out really bad, again just ask J. When I told J I was making these and I asked it I should try to bring him one at work I included in the sentence "if they taste ok." His response was "yeah if they taste good." I don't blame him after some of the things I have tried to make. My mom will be proud that I finally opened the Kitchen Aid that she got me for Christmas last year (2006). She might be a little sad that I didn't use her recipe, but I don't have it so I tried this one. It took me a little (lot) longer than it said it would but all in all I think they taste good and I learned some things if I ever decide to do it again.
I wish I could share these, because I know I am just going to eat too many of them myself.
I laughed when I looked at this one because as you can see my prego tummy got in it too. I guess that is where these bad boys are headed - into my belly.
My sister wanted to see my new hair cut so I put this on here for her.