Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Birthday Girl

Amber turned three on Monday. She didn't seem to have just one day of birthday, though — it has been closer to a week of birthday. She's been having parties and entertaining family so her birthday started a little early and seems to be going a little late.

It all started on Friday when she went to a Valentine's Day party and thought it was for her. Then on Saturday, her Grandpa Ben, Grandma Virginia, and Aunt Bonnie came into town and she was spoiled rotten by them until Sunday when they headed back home. Monday — being her birthday and President's Day — was great because Papa got to spend the whole day with her as well. We all went to lunch, bowling and to pick out her new big girl bike (which will be here in a couple of days because it wasn't in stock).

With all the birthday stuff that she already has gotten, and all the fun stuff still coming, she has been very spoiled indeed. These pictures don't show all the clothes and other little things that she got. She was very hooked up.

Amber on her birth day.
Amber's 1st birthday.
Amber's 2nd birthday.
Amber's 3rd birthday.
Her she is in her new apron and monkey gloves from Aunt Nettie
Amber with her new puppy Katie/Penny (depending on the day or time) from Aunt Bonnie.
Amber with Pinky from Zach and Natalie (cousins).
Amber blowing out her Backyardigans cake.
Grandpa Ben, Grandma Virginia, Aunt Bonnie, and Elle singing to Amber.
Amber at the bowling ally.

*I will do another entry when she get the rest of her loot*
**Thanks everyone**

Friday, February 13, 2009


So I keep intending to be better about doing more posts but I just seem to think I will do it later. So here is a little update for you. Elle is 10 months old and I am having a hard time accepting that she will be one in a month and a half (to me it seems like just yesterday that she looked like this). She loves to pull herself up and stand. She pretty much thinks that she needs to be standing all the time, including in the bathtub (she get really upset with me when I sit her back down). She gets into everything now that she can crawl — well I guess it is more like an army crawl. She loves to wave (which sometimes can look like she is trying to karate chop you) and clap. Giving snuggles and fives is her latest thing, which I really love. She eats more than Amber does. My sister-in-law asked me back in December if I felt like all I did all day was feeding my girls and I didn't then but I now know totally what she meant. I feel like all I do all day long is get some meal or snack ready for them or clean up the mess after. It can be a exhausting and frustrating because I swear they just ate! Elle had a great time playing with Grandma Mary while she was here; Elle was really good with her (she can be a stink with other people besides J, the babysitter, and me) but I guess she has seen her a lot since she was born.

Amber also had a great time with Grandma Mary. She has been acting like she is at least 16 the last couple of weeks. Okay, probably not really, but she thinks that she can do everything now and she had the attitude of a 16 year old. The other day she told me she was going to drive me around here soon and yesterday she wanted to sit in the drivers seat. She will be three in a couple of days and I still don't know how it went by so stinkin' fast. She has been doing well in her Joy school class. She seems to really enjoy cutting. She is always asking if she cut up papers she finds around the house. It is weird to see her with her little friends now because she really does try and play with them instead of just around them. She and her friend Taylee will pretend to be animals, doctors, and all sorts of other interesting thing together. It is so fun to watch. She has become a pro at riding Drew's trike that he let her borrow until she gets her new bike for her birthday. It is hard to believe but she is a little girl now and not my little toddler, but Elle seems to be trying to take over that role anyway.

There you go, that pretty much sums it up for you. As for me. I am just trying to keep up with these little people and training for a 10k that I am doing in about a month. I hope everyone else is doing well and Happy Valentine's Day. Look at me I am even a day early. Here is a video of Elle's army crawl. Amber decided to give it a try as well.
*Sorry it is kinda long because I was being lazy and didn't cut it down.

Playing with blocks
Elle playing with Grandma Mary
Amber making a birthday card
Amber riding the trike
Elle eating the animal crackers that she got into and dumped all over the floor
Elle eating Cafe Rio black beans - she loves them!