Monday, March 10, 2008

Park time and Dancing

Here are two videos of Amber. One is of her playing in the sandbox and the other is of her dancing with her Papa.

Amazingly she likes to play in the sand - but she doesn't like when it gets on her.

She loves to dance with Papa.


Seth, Caralee and Sydney Jo said...

I love that Amber had to brush the sand off of her before she could put it in the bucket, she is so adorable! Way cute video of her and J dancing!

Auntie Nettie said...

Very very very cute.

Thanks for posting pics and clips so the distant relatives can see Amber grow up.

Oh, and so we can mock the sibling.

Nerd's got some rythym.

Dance white boy, dance!

testmonkey said...

@auntie: hush, you!

The Cox Family said...

Oh the warm weather, I can't wait! I saw the news today and saw that it is supposed to rain on Sunday, but then clear up. That is really funny
Amber can't stand to have sand on her. I am sure she is just taking after her Aunt Bonnie!

Auntie Nettie said...

@testmonkey -- *LOVE* you. Really. *heart*