Wednesday, August 17, 2011

July recap

So I don't know what has happened to the summer but it is nearing it's end. We have been doing quite a bit and I haven't said a think about it on here. So I am going to give you the highlights of July (mostly) via pictures.
We got together with the Picklesimer's again to celebrate the 4th. It is fun getting together and talking while the kids play together. Amber was even brave enough to do a sparkler this year (or maybe it was more like I was willing to let her try this year). Elle was just happy to watch and Nathan was a big chicken and I had to take him inside because he was just crying.
The girls did two sessions of swimming lessons this summer and loved every minute of it. They would have been there for every session if I would have let them. I was surprised how much they learned and how great BareFoot Gymnastics is for swimming.
Living in the heat the best thing to do in the summer is go swimming - which we did a couple of times. The girls were like fish the whole time while Nathan wasn't as interested. He thought it was too loud for his taste. He still had fun but it took some time for him to warm up to the idea.
We decided to take the family to Sand Hollow Reservoir one morning. It was fun and Nathan has decided riding in the canoe is much better than being stuck on shore the entire time. There for a while he had the whole think to himself.
We had a fun time outside on the slip and slide with friends. In 100+ degree weather what else is there to do!?
I finally took Nathan's binky away and he had a hard time going to sleep for the first two weeks so I thought he needed to be done with his morning nap. Boy was I wrong because then this would happen - in the car, on the couch, in his high chair. He has re-adjusted and is doing great sans binky.
Amber and Elle took a dance class this summer (June and July) and loved it. They liked that they got to go at different times and I enjoyed it because then they had a break away from each other. It was fun to watch what they had learned at a performance they had at the end.

There you have it. Most of what we did in July (I will do a separate post for my 10 anniversary trip with J).


The Cox Family said...

What a fun, fun summer! I can't believe it is almost over and the kids will be back in school. I am glad this summer hasn't been too incredibly hot for you guys down there. We will be visiting you all soon!

Tom and Juli said...

I can't believe how quickly this Summer has gone by. Thanks for coming over for the 4th, it was a lot of fun!!