Monday, March 1, 2010

3 silly monkeys

Here are some pictures of what we having been up to the last couple of weeks.
Elle and Amber have been having fun playing with each other
Elle eating one of Amber's birthday cupcakes
Amber with her birthday cupcake.
Elle is my little cleaner - she will just get decide something is dirty and will start cleaning. That is going to be awesome here in a few years.
Big guy Nathan
Flash shock face (He looks this way after I have taken a picture with the flash on).
Look at that hairline - oh dear, I think he may look like that again years down the road.
Amber getting ready to open her birthday loot.
Sweet little sleeper.
Amber at Jumpin Jacks.
Silly monkey boy.
2 silly monkeys with Grandma Mary.
Disgusted face.
In this picture Nathan reminds me of my brother Jim.
Cross-eyed boy.
Silly monkey Elle.

Oh and by the way Nathan has been smiling for the last week or so but we haven't been able to capture it yet. He is also starting to 'talk' to us. All in all he is still a mellow little guy, with occasional grumpy times.

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The Cox Family said...

What cute little monkeys you guys have! I think it is so funny that both Sophie and Nathan have the same hairline. What is up with that? I sure hope it grows in fast. It is crazy how much Nathan really does look like Jim in that picture!
So don't worry about yesterday. It was just one crazy day. Today however was a ton better and Cam was pretty much an angel!