Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Amber

Today at 6:06am Amber turned four. It doesn't seem possible that she is already four years old but sure enough she is. I can't imagine life without her and I wouldn't (most days) trade her for another child. Since today is Amber's day here are some interesting things about her.
  • her favorite colors are purple, pink, and white
  • she is a very picky eater and only eats around eight different things (not counting candy)
  • she loves going to her joy school
  • she loves to read books
  • she is always pretending
  • sometimes she inexplicably talks with a southern drawl
  • she wants to be "big like momma" so she can do grown up things
  • she is very stubborn
  • she likes structure and to know what is going to happen next
  • lately she loves to ask TONS of questions
  • she thinks she is the boss
  • she is a very loving big sister to Elle and Nathan
  • she is my helper
Here are some of my favorite pictures of her from the last four years.


Christy said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Amber!

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday to Amber! She is so cute and so funny!

Scrapbookallie said...

She is so darling, I can't believe that she is 4 already. Happy Birthday Amber.

Mandyloo said...

She is getting so big!! I haven't read your blog for a while and just read about your cute boy!!! How exciting. He is such a cutie. Congrats!!

The Cox Family said...

I know we already wished Amber a Happy Birthday, but you can never say it too many times right! Happy 4th Birthday Amber. I love looking back at her pictures and seeing how much she has grown! She is such a cute girl and has such a fun personality!

nateandcj said...

Happy Belated Birthday Amber!! You are getting so big!!! What a good big sister you are to your new little brother.