Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Elle

Today at 11:55 AM Elle turned 2! She has been telling people that she is 2 for a couple of weeks now because I was trying to help her practice holding up two fingers so it is good that it is official now. She also has been telling people that her birthday is "way up in the sky" because we have been telling her since Amber's birthday that her birthday is "coming up."

Here are a few things about Elle. I will get up some of my favorite pictures of Elle ASAP (I was working on it today and kinda crashed the computer so when things are up and running again I will post them.) Happy Birthday my baby girl!

  • She is almost always happy with a smile on her face
  • She is brave and will try pretty much anything
  • She is a great snuggler
  • She is good at making people laugh
  • Her favorite color lately is orange—she wants everything to be orange
  • She loves babies and will take at least one baby with her everywhere
  • She loves playing pretend with Amber
  • She easily adjusts to whatever is going on
  • She loves to dance
  • She is the messiest eater who loves to dip in various sauces
  • She likes to do things herself
  • She doesn't like when you try to call her anything but her name; she will correct you, sometimes very sternly, that her name is Elle.


Scrapbookallie said...

happy happy birthday Elle dear!

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday to Elle! I didn't know she was born only 2 days before my twins.:)

Amanda Panda said...

Happy Birthday Elle! You'll have to come to rozalyn's house and play again.

nateandcj said...

She is such a darling little girl!!!