Saturday, February 6, 2010

Amber Quote

This is a conversation that took place a couple of days ago as I was taking Amber to play at a friends house.

Me: Amber are you hungry?
Amber: No, I am good.
Me: Are you sure?
Amber: Yeah and if my stomach growls I will tell it "not now belly" because I am playing at Sabra and Taylee's house and I can't eat right now.
Me: You could take something from the diaper bag with you so if you get hungry you will have it.
Amber: No, I don't want to eat in front of Taylee, that is not nice.

When she got home from playing she ate a lot. But I guess she didn't complain and actually when Sabra (Taylee's mom) asked if they (Amber and Taylee) wanted some Mac and Cheese they said no because they were having too much fun playing.


Christy said...

Haha. How funny.

The Cox Family said...

Oh the things that children say! She is such a funny girl!

Sarah said...

I love what kids say!!! She is so cute!!!