Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother Cookies Update

So remember when I was whining about Mother's Cookies closing up and that they were going to be back in June. Guess what? They came out ahead of schedule, they came out today. How sad is it that I am so excited to have found my Mother's Cookies again? Well, regardless how sad it is I am excited. Today when I was at Harmon's I saw a display backdrop of Mother's Cookies. There weren't any cookies on it so I asked the Harmon's worker that was there stocking other items, if they indeed had the cookies. He said yes, that the Keebler man was going to be stocking it either today or tomorrow. I just happen to know the Keebler man, good old Wayne for the stilts, and I had just talked to him a few minutes before. Just then he came around the corner and said that yes indeed he had the cookies in the boxes next to the display. He was nice enough to open the Taffy and Circus boxes so I could have one of each. He said that I was the first one in all of St. George to get the cookies and possible the first in Utah because today was the first day that they were bringing them back out. What made it even better was that I got them for $2.99 (usually they are $3.99 give or take) because they weren't in the computers yet so they just made up a low ball number on them for me. Sometimes it pays to know and have an in with people. I will have you know that they taste pretty much the same, so I am happy:) Here are some pictures of the girls enjoying a Circus cookie. I am also including some pictures that J took of the girls the other day.
Amber showing off her cookie
Elle's first circus cookie
Elle kept trying to crawl away to the dandelions
Elle with her dandelion
Now she has two
This is one of my favorite
We couldn't seem to get Elle to smile
I love this one of Amber


Alli E. said...

Hooray for you!! You are practically famous now!!

Tom and Juli said...

Good news about the cookies! I'm excited. We recently attempted doing pictures too and Arvilla is scowling in all of them.