Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

I know that this is a little late in coming, but Happy Mother's Day everyone. I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. With J having a couple of weeks between semesters, we all spent the weekend together. It started with a fun trip to the Main Street Water Park on Saturday. Elle loves the water — especially our little pool that we got — but she seemed to not like the chlorinated water so much. She was also shivering most of the time so I kept wrapping her up in her towel to warm up. Amber had a blast and would have stayed all day if we would have let her. After some fun we headed home for lunch and naps for all. When everyone was up we decided to go to Denny's for dinner because we thought that picky eater Amber might actually eat something from the kid's menu. Thank heavens she did:) After dinner J and I went to fire J's new gun (as you saw from the video below). On the way home we decided to take the girls to park so they could get all their wiggles out before bed.

On Sunday morning I got to open presents - that is always fun. Amber had made me a present at her Joy school class on Wednesday. She couldn't wait for me to finally get to open it on Mother's Day (she asked me everyday if it was Mother's Day yet). It was an adorable picture frame and a book marker that had flowers on it made using her thumb. J was sweet and wrote me a cute poem that told of my present — 5 hours of house cleaning provided by Angela. It goes as follows if you are interested in reading it:

We appreciate all you do to keep this house clean
And to make the many sinks and floors carry a sheen

But we also know you have two other priorities
That take up your time and demand your authorities

Your love and attention, your care reading them books
The hours of tantrums and angelic sleeping looks

The girls keep you busy and on top of your toes
And sometimes that sheen is the first that goes

Hence we know that for us you work very hard
So on our behalf, we present you this card

Five hours of Angela to come in and do
Any of the cleaning chores as seen fit by you

Be it scrub the tub or sweep the floors,
Clean the windows or dust the drawers

Merle vouches for her and says she's great
So give her a call to set the first date

We love you so much and care about you always
The least we could do is let someone else vacuum the hallways

I thought it was so sweet and just the perfect thing to get on Mother's Day. He went on to make dinner for us that night. It was a great weekend that we all got to spend together - what more could a mother ask for?

Amber in the fountain

Elle in the fountain

Amber playing in the river

Elle trying to decide what to do

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Tom and Juli said...

Haha, I love the poem. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. If I can get Tom feeling better we plan on trying to have some fun too (we had to cancel the San Diego trip).

I love Elle's hat.