Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Fun

Halloween was busy this year for us. We had three parties that we went to and Amber wasn't just dressed up as one thing but two, a nurse and a princess. Poor Elle just got dragged from one place to another and put up with it really well. It started out with the elementary school parade, then to one of Amber's friends for a party, after naps we went to the ward trunk-or-treat and the day ended with a party at one of J's work buddies. I have some fun video that I am working on putting together but for now here are some pictures of all the fun.


Auntie Nettie said...

I'm so glad that the Princess Dress still fits the Princess. She's getting so BIG!

Can't wait to see you!

The Cox Family said...

I thought I had commented on this post, but apparently I didn't. Anyhow, that is great Amber was able to two dress up twice for Halloween. Sounds like you all had a great time and I am glad Elle was such a great sport! I am also happy to hear that Amber was excited to carve pumpkins, which gives me hope for next year.