Friday, October 17, 2008

Big Girl Panties

Today is Amber's first day wearing big girl panties. She has been doing so well I just decided it was time to make the switch. It has been a work in progress getting her to today. The first time I tried putting her in panties I thought we would try cold turkey potty training. Just put her in panties and see if she could figure it out. After two day and hours of sitting on the potty we were 0/15 so we (J*) decided to give it a few weeks and try again. Then Amber started telling me when she was going pee pee or right after she had. So I knew that now she at least was aware that she was going. Then one day she came back from her friends Sydney's** house and she had gone on her potty. Nothing like a little competition and bribery. She was so excited she had done it and had gotten a sucker that she came home and tried once or twice without success. A few days later she started asking to go again and was actually going. That was about two weeks ago. She has had a couple of not so good days but for the most part has gone pee pee all day. What really made up my mind about putting on the panties was her going poop on the potty the last two days. So whoot whoot for Amber and being a big girl.

Here are recent pictures of my cute girls.
*J decided that I needed a break after I took out my frustrations on the wall. No worries—I didn't put a hole in it or anything. And believe me, he isn't going to ever let me live it down. I should have kept my mouth shut.
**Thanks Caralee I am glad you let her try:)

Happy sisters
Pretty girl
So happy
Strike a pose
Amber with a monkey on her back
Elle hanging with Grandma Mary
Amber proud to be wearing big girl panties
Elle enjoying her Cheerios


Farley's Story said...

The joys of potty training. Keep consistent and she will do great. That is the hardest part. The child doesn't have to just be ready, but us parents need to be ready also. Keep up the good work!!

MindyLu said...

Hooray for AMBER! I am dreading the potty training! It is probably time to start but I just don't want to deal with it, that is horrible huh!

Lindsay said...

Hey Christina!! How fun to find your blog! I love getting re-connected with old friends. :) Your girls are so cute - good luck with that potty-training business. I'm getting ready to start with my second here sometime soon... if only they could just train themselves....

Caralee said...

I am so happy that Amber is in big girl panties! Yeah for Amber! If only Sydney wanted them as much as Amber! Sydney is doing well she just doesn't want it as much....maybe she needs to come over to your house and have Amber motivate her!

The Cox Family said...

I am so proud of her! I hope Cam will soon follow in her footsteps. Now that I will be home during the day, I can focus more on it. Those pictures are adorable of the girls and I think that we need to get together sometime soon!

Tom and Juli said...

Good job Amber! I hope that she keeps it up for you. Elle is looking more like a little girl than a baby.