Monday, May 10, 2010

Nathan's first haircut

Nathan has had crazy hair since he was born; lots of hair in the back and on the sides but very little on the top.

Since birth, his hair on the top started coming in lighter while the sides and back started falling out. But there were some hairs on the top and sides that just kept growing longer and longer—almost allowing him to have a comb over if we really wanted.
See the fluffy side hairs.
See his roosters tail (here he is with little Sophie the last time they were photographed together they were inside).
Just a silly one that I decided to throw in.

J and I have talked about doing something about it for weeks (if not months). Today I just decided to go for it so I cut the really long ones to keep and then buzzed the rest.

It doesn't look like much, but there really was quite a bit.
And here's the end result.
Amber and Elle wanted to be in on the action.

As you can see, compared to his newborn pictures his hair is a lot lighter—even I was surprised looking back how dark it was when he was born. He looks like a big boy now, which I am excited about but also a little sad about because it is happening too fast.


The Cox Family said...

Good job on his haircut! He really does look older and blonder. I agree with you that they grow up way too fast. It was so fun seeing you guys last weekend. Thanks again for lunch. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Tom and Juli said...

Oh I love it! He is so cute, I mean... handsome. With my children and their lack of hair I hang on to every strand I can, even if it looks crazy. You're lucky to have kids who grow hair.

Amanda Panda said...

wow nathan is getting big. I usually only get to see him when he is in his car seat and even then he is sleeping. What a cutie!

Keli W said...

I love his haircut! We just gave Abri her first cut not that long ago, he's way ahead! That's awesome. Good job!