Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Christmas came and went in a flash this year, so I will catch you up with pictures.

On Christmas Eve Amber and Elle made some cookies for Santa.

Elle thought that she had better taste the frosting — you know, just to make sure it tasted good for Santa.
Then Amber thought she ought to give it a try as well.
Just another little taste.
Amber was keeping her focus.
Elle on the other hand had given up on her cookie and was just shoveling in the frosting.
Amber was beginning to taste a little more often.
Cookie? What cookie? Who needs it when there is frosting!? As you can see they enjoyed themselves and the frosting.
Elle on Christmas morning, pretending to lick the sucker ornament as we waited for Papa and Amber to wake up.
Amber with her new baby — one of her favorite presents.
Elle with her favorite present — it hasn't left her side yet.
Amber with all her loot after everything was opened.
Elle with all her loot.

As you can see they were spoiled, and we still are trying to find places for all of it to go. It was fun to watch them get excited about Christmas and to start some family traditions, but I am now done with Christmas and ready for the new year. I hope you all had a good Christmas; thanks to everyone for the yummy goodies and gifts.


The Cox Family said...

Frosting is my favorite part of sugar cookies too. That is a classic picture of Elle shoving her frosted covered hand in her mouth. I bet Santa just loved the girl's cookies! Looks like the girls got a ton of fun presents for Christmas and I hear ya on trying to find a place for it all!

Amanda Panda said...

Yes you guys will have to come over. Rozalyn would love sharing her new toys. I was thinking of doing lunch on the 9th of January. Call me if that works.