Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Papa portrait

So for the last week or so Amber has been trying her skills at drawing instead of just coloring or scribbling. I don't know how it exactly came about but she has been drawing pictures of J (her papa). The first time that I saw one of her portraits of him I just couldn't help but laugh. They turn out a little different every time but for the most part this is how they look:

J/Papa portrait
Amber in showing off her work of art.

This is only his face, mind you, but I think she has some talent don't you? This one doesn't have as much facial hair as most of the others that she has drawn (on her doodler) but I thought that I had better get some pictures to share and to remember by. Is is just me or does this one kind of look like an otter (the others have looked more like jelly beans)?


Amanda Panda said...

For a minute there I thought she was drawing on the inside door. But hey it looks just like J.

Auntie Nettie said...

I'm so glad you told us it was JUST his head. I was worried about his self-confidence for a minute.

Caralee said...

So cute! Looks just like him!

The Cox Family said...

What a little artist you have! I think it resembles J quite well!