Saturday, August 8, 2009

Swimming and future careers

I'll try my best to set the scene wherein I made another dad glad he had a male offspring:

I'm at the pool with Amber and Elle. Elle and I are out of the pool getting her dried off. Amber, still in the water, calls to me, "Papa, look at my new trick!" all excited like. What's her new trick? She's got her legs wrapped around the pool's railing and she's spinning around it. Yes — my three year-old daughter is essentially pole dancing and thinks it's the greatest thing ever.

To her joyful announcement I can only respond: "Well, that doesn't bode well for my future."

Here's where the other dad comes in: he hears my response, looks to Amber to see what elicited such a retort, makes eye-contact with me, looks over at his small boy, and smirks a smirk that can only translate as "sucks to be that guy in 10 years!"

For my part, I'm glad I could make another father appreciate his child just a tad more.

Tangentially, here's a quick video of Amber's first days of swimming lessons from July. As a dad (who goes and hides at work all day), I often miss these kinds of events in my childrens' lives so I'm grateful Christina thinks to take some video for me to see and share.

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