Sunday, August 9, 2009


I had a bunch of inquiries today as to why I didn't take the opportunity to play the quasi-single dad card and stay home from church (let alone stay the whole three hours). To those that are curious, I have but a simple answer for you: nursery.

Yeah, we had to get cleaned up and into our church clothes, but that just gave us something to do. And giving me something to do with these little people beats the pants off of them just hanging off my leg and pestering me because they're hungry/bored/tired/etc. Having that two hour break (even if one of those hours was spent with bratty 14/15 year-olds) where other adults were in charge of their physical/spiritual well-being? Totally worth it.

Uh, and of course we went to church today because we wanted to learn more about churchy things. Doy.

Ready for church
Proof that they're so cute that even their father couldn't mess them up.


Kelly said...

I was totally impressed that you walked into to Sacrament with the two kiddos in tow. Clever how you sat in the front - thinking being so close to the speakers they had to be good, right?

testmonkey said...

Well, don't be impressed—clearly it was what was best for me. :) And we only sat so close because that's all there was left; for some reason, they go bonkers if we sit back on the chairs.

Tom and Juli said...

Hahaha... I knew there was some other reason you showed up other than that you were there for your own spiritual enjoyment. I'll have to remember your strategy for a year or so down the road.You forgot to mention that you had to take your pole-dancing daughter to church to redeem her of her indiscretions.

testmonkey said...

It's true — at the least we want her to be a'dancin' on Saturdays and a'churchin' on Sundays.

Kirk and Jill Smith - said...

Nice work! Glad to see you Dad's can rough it at home with the kids. They even look all cute in their church clothes with their hair done! :o) ha ha.... I don't know why it's such a big deal though, my hubby got the same thing. (But my sister-in-law got them ready, he was at bishopric meeting....) At least you can take credit for the WHOLE thing!