Monday, January 14, 2013

Nathan's 3

Look at this big boy. He is so so excited that today is his birthday and that he is 3! He has been waiting to wear this shirt since I washed it and put it in his drawer last month. I am still a little in denial my little guy is 3 but at the same time he is so grown up. He is a handsome funny all boy kid. If you come by and hear growling and someone shouting "I shoot you" or "Arrrg, I have my tiny sword" Nathan must be home. We sure do love our little pirate, super hero, fireman, dragon around here and wouldn't know what to do without him. I will try and get more pictures up from his birthday later. Including his pirate ship cake! A few quick things about Nathan.
  • He likes dressing up and pretending. 
  • Right now his favorite food is corndogs, wheat thins, and cheese breadsticks
  • Blue is his favorite color - with the occasional green or yellow
  • His currant favorite movie is "Ice Age 4" (go figure it has pirates in it)
  • He can't wait until the Fall when he can go to preschool
  • If there is music on he usually with get up and "shake his booty" around the room
  • He is already quite the ladies man and is hitting on older women (Young Women from church)
  • He gives great complement all the time (You're Awesome, you look like a Princess, you are so beautiful...)

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Tom and Juli said...

What a stud! I can't tell you how much I wish we lived close together so he and Clark could be friends, they seem so much alike (or maybe it's just boys). Happy Birthday Nathan!