Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Elle's Preschool graduation

Elle graduated (if you can really call it that - because she will be going to preschool again in the fall) last month from Emmanuel Preschool. They put on a little program with the theme being 'Under the Sea.' She did a very good job and we could hear her singing in the back where we were sitting. According to her teachers she is always very excited for singing time and always sings her heart out. It is fun to see her doing her own thing without her siblings around. Elle has really been missing her friends and teachers and wishes that she could still be going to her "old preschool." In the fall she will be going to the University of Idaho's preschool. Here are the few pictures I took (I am never going to trust the battery guide on my camera again) before my battery went dead.


Tom and Juli said...

Way to go Elle!

Keli W said...

She is so cute! So fun. I never trust my battery on my camera either it will say full battery and then go dead in like 5 minutes...I feel your pain!! :)