Friday, September 2, 2011

Washington Fair

We went to the Washington County Fair again this year. It was our 3rd year going and I must say that I still think they should do it all indoors or at a different time of year (even though I know why need to do it in August). It was HOT. We don't go to for the rides at night - my kids don't even know that there are rides - we go in the day for the petting zoo, booths, and fair entries. My girls always look forward to it though. There is always so sort of ride or something that they get to do along with seeing all the animals that gets them excited (not to mention their friend Taylee was coming). This year it was the "walk on water" attraction. They had a blast and so did I watching them. I do wish I could have tried it myself but maybe another time.
The cute but very hot calf. I felt bad for him cooking in the sun.
Amber was the brave one that wanted to pet him.
Amber in her hamster ball.
Elle giving it a try.
This was Nathan's favorite part of the fair.
The food court with the giant panda.
The girls enjoying a yogurt we brought along for a snack. If you look close you can see that they have their face painted.
We also got to have our picture taken at the fair by yellowpix it was kinda fun and it was free. They printed off a copy and gave it to me. Here is the link if you want to check it out.

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The Cox Family said...

This is a crazy time of year to have a fair with so many activities outside. It looked really fun though, and I agree on wanting to try the ball on the water activity!