Friday, May 27, 2011


Amber and Elle have a love/hate relationship, as I recall that was how my sister and I used to be as kids as well. I remember my mom getting frustrated with us and would have to have us go play alone so we could get a break from each other. I know feel my mother's pain. It is wonderful the days that they are playing well with each other and look like this:
But then there are days when they are just so mean and fight with each other that they make me crazy! Those are the days that I pretty much have to separate them for my own sanity. Amber's face pretty much tells you that this is a hate day:
I just hope that their relationship turns out how Bonnie and mine has. We are great friends and talk at least a couple of times a week (if not daily). We totally get each other and think alike so it is so nice to have her to talk to be we just 'get' each other.
Here are a couple of other pictures of my cute little people and the different things that they have been up to.
All sitting with Grandma Virginia
Couldn't leave Grandpa out.
Dress up with there cousin Natalie that got to sleep over. It was the girls first sleep over at our house. They had lots of fun and were sad that she had to go home.
Elle on the picnic blanket after we had lunch out on the grass.
Amber relaxing on the blanket
Playing in the kid house
They have spent hours and hours playing on this thing - loving that!
Dress up when we were in Heber a couple of weeks ago for Bonnie's baby shower.

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Tom and Juli said...

That's so awesome you and your sister are so close, and I'm sure Elle and Amber will be the same. I'll be honest it's easier with only a boy and a girl, but even I have to separate them sometimes.