Friday, January 14, 2011

Nathan 1st Birthday

I just can't believe that my baby boy is already 1. This year has come and gone way too fast. I am not ready for him to be so big. Here are a few of the things he is doing right now.
  • he waves goodbye
  • blows kisses
  • gives open mouth kisses
  • crawls speedy fast
  • gets into everything
  • says: papa, mama, cracker, this
  • loves to find his sisters and get into their stuff
  • loves to eat shoes
  • walk along things and walks with chairs or whatever he can
  • follows me everywhere and whines at my leg until I pick him up
  • claps
  • screeches loud when he wants something (we are trying to break him of this)
  • climbs on whatever he can
He is definitely a lot busier than either of the girls were at his age. He is like a tornado of destruction some days, and it always surprises me how quickly he can do it. He doesn't sit around and enjoy the mess that he has created but moves on to cause more. We sure do love him though. Here is a picture for every month (except the first two are from the day he was born and the last two are from today).


Tom and Juli said...

Happy Birthday Nathan! He's such a cute little guy.

Keli W said...

Where does time go? I swear you just had Nathan! I love the pictures, so cute. Happy Birthday!

Caralee said...

What one already?!?!? That seems to have flown by! He sure is cute! Those last two pictures he looks so big in! Happy Birthday Nathan!!

The Cox Family said...

Happy Birthday Nathan! It really isn't fair that they grow up so fast. How can a year already be here? He looks so grown up in those last couple of pictures. What a handsome little guy you have!