Friday, December 3, 2010

Amber's preschool pictures

Here are Amber's preschool pictures. It scares me how big she looks. Where did my little girl go!?
She insisted on wearing a dress and with her hair down (she thinks this is how she looks "the most beautiful - like a princess").
I really wished that they had tucked her hair behind her ears.
This is my favorite of the three because she isn't using her fake smile.
Her class. This picture makes her look short because she is standing in-between the two tallest kids in her class.


testmonkey said...

Who edited these photos before you got them?

Christy said...

She does look short in the group photo...but on her own she looks pretty tall. And very princess like.

Amanda Panda said...

all the same she's very cute.

Caralee said...

She is beautiful...and so grown up. sigh. They grow up way to fast!