Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sunscreen and Whatnot

So I guess it takes Elle looking like this:

to remind me that it is Spring in St. George, which means we (me included - poor Elle gets her fair skin from me) can't go out without sunscreen on. You would have thought that after how bad I felt last year

I would have remembered to lather her up. I think I am going to start a summer bag that I take with me when we are leaving the house. In it will be: hats, sunscreen, and water bottles. I would love it it were cool enough here to just leave it in the car but I am sure if I did things would explode. Here are a couple of other pictures to enjoy. Now we are headed back outside to enjoy the weather while we can.
Amber being a Y
Don't you love my hair
Little mommies
Big girl hair
Big boy
Nathan in his Easter outfit
Amber in her one of her Easter dresses
Elle in one of her Easter dresses
Happy boy
Happy girl
Happy girl


Alli E. said...

Cute little family!! I just did the same thing with my girls this morning and no sunscreen!! Gotta remember that next time!!

Farley's Story said...

Sunblock, that is over rated. J/K It take my kids getting sun burnt to remember they need it. Your family is sure cute.

The Cox Family said...

Poor girl! I wish it was warm enough to pull out the sunblock up here. However, today was pretty nice and your post is a reminder for me as well to go dig out our sunblock. I love the kid's Easter outfits and the picture of the girls acting like little mothers is priceless!

Tom and Juli said...

poor girl! I hate being sun burned. Yeah... we're going to have to make a bag like that too. Especially with my little red head, by the time we get to the car he's already looking flush.

Amanda Panda said...

I guess I'm not use to having sunscreen around but Jonah being quite a bit lighter skinned then the rest of us I will have to remember to lather him up too. John is on his own. I sure love Nathan's hair.

Lindsay said...

Poor girl! Before I read the title or the explanation, I thought you had put funny make-up on her to make her look like some weird super-model or something! A sunburn isn't quite so fun... :)

Mandyloo said...

Hi Christina! I don't know that I ever responded to you about how Bryton is doing with the baby coming. He is so excited. He has started to say good morning to the baby every day and gives my belly a kiss. We will find out what we are having in a couple of weeks. I will make sure to post in on my blog. How is it having a boy after your two girls? He is such a cutie. Boys are so fun. At least Bryton was!!

Tara said...

Poor Elle! We have a bottle of sunscreen in the car...and I still forget! Lucky for the boys, they don't burn easily. I guess they came with a forgetful Mommy defense!

larsen family said...

Wow Christina, I can't believe how big your kids are getting! Little Nathan is growing up so fast! Elle and Nathan definitely resemble you more, and Amber is definitely J all the way!