Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A little of this, a little of that

This month, like this entire year, has flown by. Here are a couple of pictures showing some of our activities.

Amber showing off her ER bracelet after falling and hitting her head (on a hard tile floor at a friends) and passing out for a few seconds. After being looked over and warranting no test she was happy to be home.
This is how Amber had dressed herself while I was in the shower. Nice look don't you think?
Elle decided that drawing on paper with the marker was too boring so she started drawing on her face. Maybe she thought it would be a good chapstick substitute.
Amber with her classmates wearing hats and helmets on H day.
Elle and Amber in their paint shirts getting ready to get to work.
Thanks Costco for the boxes that proved to be hours of entertainment for the girls (sitting on, climbing in, painting, stacking...).

Elle after a few minutes of painting - she seems to like to get stuff on her face.
She also really like to stick her tongue out lately (there are at least 5 other pictures of her while she was painting that her tongue was out).
Amber focusing on her painting job.


mindy said...

Elle is getting so big! And I love the pic of Amber dressing herself I can see she and Aly could be great friends they share the same fashion sense, as long as you have wings what else do you need really?

The Cox Family said...

Um you forgot to tell me about Amber having to go to the hospital!!! I am glad that she is alright though. Elle is growing up too fast. I just love her long hair! I can't wait to see you guys next month!

schuddes said...

You are such a fun Mommy! I didn't know about Amber, I hope she is okay.