Monday, July 13, 2009

More Summer Activities

Here are a few pictures showing what we have been up to the last week or so.

Amber starting taking swimming lessons
She has learned to float on her back
One of her favorite things is to use the pink kicking boards
This is when one of her teachers gave in and let her use one again
Elle enjoying a fruit leather while Amber swims
We went to Jumpin Jacks for the first time and Elle wasn't sure about it in the beginning
Amber helped Elle see that it was too much fun to miss out on
She even started trying going up the big slides by herself - she would have if she were a little longer
Amber made a new friend Haylee
I didn't see much of Amber after she met Haylee
So poor Elle got stuck with me the rest of the time
Tara and me just chatting as the kids played
On Saturday we decided to go to the pool and show Papa (hiding behind the camera of course) all the fun new things Amber was learning at swimming lessons


Tom and Juli said...

Somehow I miss some of your posts, I didn't even see the June 30th one until today, I don't know how I miss these things!!

Amber looks so cute in her goggles. I can't believe how grown up Elle is looking, not even that she's getting big, but her features are maturing a lot from baby to little girl!

SarahBrummett said...

What cute pictures! Our girls were in swimming lessons up in Montana and they LOVED them. She looks like she is enjoying it!

Caralee said...

I love the pics of Amber swimming! What cute little girls you have!

Mandyloo said...

I just heard you are pregnant again!! Congratulations. I am so excited for you guys!

The Cox Family said...

I can't believe little Amber is already doing swimming lessons. I am sure she will be a little fish just like her mother! I can't wait until Cam is old enough to start doing all of those fun activities!