Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Birthday Girl

Amber turned three on Monday. She didn't seem to have just one day of birthday, though — it has been closer to a week of birthday. She's been having parties and entertaining family so her birthday started a little early and seems to be going a little late.

It all started on Friday when she went to a Valentine's Day party and thought it was for her. Then on Saturday, her Grandpa Ben, Grandma Virginia, and Aunt Bonnie came into town and she was spoiled rotten by them until Sunday when they headed back home. Monday — being her birthday and President's Day — was great because Papa got to spend the whole day with her as well. We all went to lunch, bowling and to pick out her new big girl bike (which will be here in a couple of days because it wasn't in stock).

With all the birthday stuff that she already has gotten, and all the fun stuff still coming, she has been very spoiled indeed. These pictures don't show all the clothes and other little things that she got. She was very hooked up.

Amber on her birth day.
Amber's 1st birthday.
Amber's 2nd birthday.
Amber's 3rd birthday.
Her she is in her new apron and monkey gloves from Aunt Nettie
Amber with her new puppy Katie/Penny (depending on the day or time) from Aunt Bonnie.
Amber with Pinky from Zach and Natalie (cousins).
Amber blowing out her Backyardigans cake.
Grandpa Ben, Grandma Virginia, Aunt Bonnie, and Elle singing to Amber.
Amber at the bowling ally.

*I will do another entry when she get the rest of her loot*
**Thanks everyone**

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The Cox Family said...

Why is it that our children get 2-3parties for each birthday and we get nothing? Something is wrong with this picture!:) Glad she had such a great birthday. I am booking my flight right now. I can't wait!