Monday, January 26, 2009

Hair cream

Today Elle decided to rub some banana and granola bar in her hair. She seemed to think it was a hoot and did it at least four or five times. When I wiped it out she had a little mohawk so I thought I would leave it that way for the day. Here are a couple of pictures to enjoy.
As you can see it is so much fun to rub food in your hair
Look at that lovely cream she created
She seems to like the mohawk
So cute right!?
Yep, I know I am cute
How did she get so BIG!?
Amber reading to big monkey and baby


Tom and Juli said...

How DID she get so big? And Amber too? I was blog stalking you the other day, looking at all the old pictures and they have grown so fast!
Amber is turning 3 in February right?

Christina said...

@Juli: I don't know how it happened so fast, but yes Amber will be 3 on February 16. Haaaah is all that I can say.

Caralee said...

I think that it is so funny that she is such a messy eater, totally un-lady like! At least she is adorable so that totally makes up for cleaning up the mess!

Farley's Story said...

Leave it to the kids for creativity. I love it. It only gets better with time.

Jennie said...

Hey Christina, I found your blog after a comment you left on Sarah's. Your girls are so cute! You look great too! I have 2 girls too. One is 4 1/2 and the other is 2. They are so much fun and they are always blowing me away with what cute, funny, or smart thing they come up with next. It was fun looking at your blog!

~Jennie Hampton Best