Friday, September 5, 2008

Do I really sound like that?

So Amber will sometimes talk to her toy friends like I talk to her. Most of the time it is about things we have done or that her toys need to hold her hand when they cross the road. Things like that are good to hear because then you know she is learning and understanding. But today's conversation with Curious George and monkey saddened me a little. It made me wonder - do I really sound like that? It went something like this:

Amber:"George you have to go to time out."

Amber to me:"George had to go to time out because he wouldn't listen."

Amber:"George you need to listen and be good. Hey, monkey you go to time out right now. Yes right now. You don't talk to me that way."

Amber to me:"George and monkey are in time out because they weren't being good girls."

Oh the good and bad example I set. It is a little funny to hear someone else playing you but it is also an eye opener. Parenting. No one is perfect right?


testmonkey said...

Don't worry George and monkey - I have to go to time out for the same reasons.

Seth, Caralee and Sydney Jo said...

Amber is so funny, I love it! I forgot to tell you that yesterday I had walked out of the room for a minute and when I came back in Amber had somehow climbed over the baby gate and was on the other side playing with the puppy! She looked so proud of her self for getting over that gate all by herself...the little stinker!

Farley's Story said...

Your exactly right, no one is perfect!! I guess it is good to hear what you kids hear from you, then you can try to be better. It doesn't always work, but it will get you thinking. You are an awesome mom, and I have heard worse from my kids than that!!

Tom and Juli said...

At least she understands the concept of time out and why she has to be in time out. Plus, from what I've heard George and Monkey can get out of hand sometimes and deserve a time out.

Beaver Family said...

It is really an eye opener the first time you hear that. Jade used to do the same thing, but when my kids go to time out I set a timer on the microwave (if I don't I forget I left them there). She would actually imitate the beeps on the microwave. At least you know that she understands if you do something wrong there are consequences.