Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heber Adventures

For the 4th of July weekend we ended up going to Heber. It was a lot of fun for most of us. Amber really had a great time being spoiled by family and friends. She thinks Heber is this magical place where:
  • there are fireworks
  • she gets to stay up late
  • she gets to sleep with papa
  • she gets to ride horses
  • she gets to go down a really big slide with grandma
  • she gets candy and other goodies all the time
  • she gets to go outside during the day
  • she gets to play with the cats, dogs, and horses whenever
As you can tell by the list above she/we did a lot. Friday we had a more relaxed day and then we had a BBQ at my parents house and stayed up to watch the fireworks. Saturday was a busy day. Amber rode Duke, my dad's horse, for as long as we would let her. She had to take turns with her cousins Zach and Natalie. Then in the afternoon she went swimming with the family at the Kamas Rec Center. My mom was kind enough to get in with her so I could take care of Elle and visit with Lauren. Amber loved the big slide and had a lot of fun. Then straight from there we went to a BBQ at Aunt Bonnie's house in Kamas. Amber visited with everyone and loved all the attention. Elle didn't seem to mind that we were in a different place, she was happy as long as she was getting her naps and food.
The hard part about the trip was Amber sleeping. It was hard on her because we were in a new and strange room that wasn't hers. She would cry and cry until J (mostly) or myself would go and sleep by her. We are still trying to get her back on schedule and back to sleeping by herself again. It was fun but it is nice to be home where we can get back to normalcy.

Here is a video of Amber on Duke


Tom and Juli said...

I'm glad you guys had so much fun in Heber. Amber is very cute riding the horse.

The Cox Family said...

It was great to see you guys and to go swimming. I just wish we could have spent more time together. STUPID WORK! Well if you do decide to come up over the 24th I have the entire weekend off. Fun post, I really like your video!