Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

Oh how I hate the hot hot summer months in St. George. It is really hard when by 10:00am it is too hot to be outside anymore. That is for now anyway, in the next few weeks it will never be cool enough to be outside. So far this summer we have been going out to visit J or friends or have found something fun to go see or do but now that gas is so expensive and the car gets so hot we are not doing that anymore unless we need to go somewhere. I was trying to think what I did last summer to pass the time. Then I remember I took Amber swimming at the outdoor pool at our gym at least every other day. The only problem with that now is Elle is too small to be in the sun (she can't even wear sunscreen yet). We did meet some friends* at the new Washington Recreation Center to go swimming. It was fun but really hard with two kids - one whom didn't want to be there and the other so excited but not willing try anything by herself. So I was really glad to have Amanda there to help out. Enough complaining but if anyone has any good suggestions of fun things to do at home with a two year old I would love to hear them.
*thanks Chrissy for inviting us


Farley's Story said...

I cannot imagine St. George this time of year. It is hot in Castle Dale, so it must be extremely hot in St. George. It sounds like you are doing the best you can. I also love Ambers hair. She looks just like J. It amazes me how you can carry the baby for nine months, give birth, and they look like their dad. At least that is how it is with my kids. It is great to see how you are doing.

The Cox Family said...

Ummmm, I have the solution! MOVE TO HEBER! Ok, maybe you should just come and live up here for the summer. That way we can go down there in the winter! When are you guys going to come visit anyhow???

Jared & Chrissy said...

Hey sorry we didn't hang out much. I didn't realize how hard it would be having two kids! Next time we get together we need to go to a park or something so it will be easier! Thanks for coming though it was good to see you. Give me a call sometime!