Thursday, April 24, 2008

Elle and Amber Update

So I just thought that I would give a little update on the girls. Amber is doing a little better everyday with adjusting to being a big sister. She slowly (very slowly) starting to let me get a few feet away from her without panicking. She has been a good helper when it comes to Elle, she loves to help if it is for Elle.
Now to Elle. She had a doctors appointment yesterday and has grown a lot. I was guessing that she would weigh around 7lb. 10oz. or so but I was way off. She weighed in at 8lb. 14oz. In the 3 weeks and 2 days since her birth she has gained 2 pounds. I could tell that she was chunking up but wow. She also grew in her length to 22 inches which puts her in the 91% for her age. So as you can see she is just getting bigger and bigger. Oh how time goes by too fast. She is starting to have a schedule which is nice. I am still adjusting to it myself. Eventually we will be able to be ready for the day before 10:30-11:00.
She wanted to wear this apron that was given to me while we made cookies. On her it looks like a dress, but she sure does look cute and domestic.

Just look at those cheeks!


Jeff, Beth, & Garrett Olsen said...

How fun! Amber is so big and fun and Elle is just beautiful! I can't believe her growth! That's great! Good luck with your girls! You're such a cute mom!

Old&Gray said...

Thank you for the two wonderful picture of beautiful girls. Now tell mr. plade man to post some more.
If you had not said it was an apron I would have gone on thinking what a wonderful dress maker someone was.
Elle is getting into a schedule and that means she has you where she wants you at feeding time.

testmonkey said...

@old&gray: cool those jets, buddy. I thought we had you used to a nice monthly upload schedule.

And if that apron were a dress, we'd have to ship her off to Texas, no?

Susan said...

The girls are so beautiful. Elle really is getting chunky, but it's that super-cute baby chunk...the kind that you just want to kiss! I agree with testmonkey, if that were a dress, texas would be the place to send her. ;)

The Cox Family said...

Way cute pictures. I love the apron on Amber. She looks so dang cute with that little smirk to go with it! I am glad that someone else's child is/was in the 90th percentile. Keep it up Elle! I can't wait to meet her. One more month!

Seth, Caralee and Sydney Jo said...

It was fun getting to play in nursery with Amber, I think that she liked having Sydney in there to play with her too! Maybe if I bring Sydney to nursery more Amber might have a better time in there. I hope that things start to calm down soon, let me know if you think Amber might be ready to come over and play, she is welcome anytime!