Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let me out, let me out.

Amber and I went the store the other day. When we got out of the car Amber could hear a dog barking. She said, "Dog barking in car." I then said, "Yes, it is saying 'let me out let me out' and whining." So then we went in to shop. Then she started saying over and over loud (because if you know her she is loud almost all the time) "Let me out, let me out." I got all sorts of looks from different people in the store. Some, I am sure, think that I am a mean mom. She would every once in awhile say "dog was saying" but most people only heard the 'let me out' part. She was perfectly content in the cart, but you wouldn't think so the way she kept calling out. It was a little embarrassing at the time - but now that it is over it is a little funny.


testmonkey said...

I only heard about this story because she starting repeating it in the car yesterday on the way home from breakfast. It's amazing what her little mind can grasp.

The Cox Family said...

Amber is such a character! I am scared to death for what will come out of my child's mouth when he starts talking! I am sure I will be embarressed on a regular basis.